Interior trends we love in 2021


We might be biased but incorporating vintage and antique pieces to the space add a certain lived in “je ne sais quoi” feel that is hard to imitate otherwise! Vintage furniture, decorative pieces or pottery are an amazing way to add personality to a home and there is no better feeling than owning something truly one of kind and unique!

Antique art

Both original vintage artworks and framed prints are a great way to express your taste and add some personality (literally) to a boring wall! We particularly love vintage oil portraits!

Romantic & rustic

Subtle patterns and textures, tassels and rustic fabrics are definitely in and look so great paired with a plain bolder colour. A great way to change a look of your living room by just adding some cushions and throws.

Primitive beauty

Rough in their form, textured and slightly imperfect ‑ we learned to embrace the beauty in the ordinary. Primitive kitchen utensils, reclaimed cutting boards and ordinary objects of the past are now stylish thing of the present.

Nature inside

Wooden beams, rustic table tops, natural colour schemes and indoor plants are definitely staying! Inviting the inside in is a way to create relaxing, effortless spaces ‑ especially now when staying at home more has become a new normal.

Antique vases

Antique, vintage or new‑ we love the rough textures, imperfect look and their versatility. They look great with fresh or dry flowers and pampas.



DIY or professionally done we’ve seen them all over Instagram recently! They can transform the most basic of rooms into a stylish, cozy haven and there is so many different options to chose from depending on the look you want to go for‑ from fancy boutique hotel to farmhouse.

Reclaimed wood

Dining tables, benches & stools made of reclaimed wood are not going anywhere! We’ve seen them everywhere in 2020 and we think they are here to stay! They add an element of warmth and effortless chic and work so well in modern, rustic and traditional spaces.

Mixing materials

I don’t think anybody can argue with this one! The best spaces are skilfully layered with different textures and materials‑ wood, stone, metal and accents from rattan to plants and pottery. Each has it’s place and purpose and they can work so well together! Think wooden floors and brick walls, wooden shelfs above marble countertops or carpeted floors against a upholstered chair!

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Interior trends we love in 2021