How to style your home with vintage decor

A quick guide on how to fill your space with unique pieces & style them beautifully

Entry way

We love simplicity! A beautiful antique vase paired with fresh branches picked up on your walk will add personality to an empty corner. Antique paintings are also a great way to decorate a wall in a simple but interesting way.


Create that perfect living room display by mixing old and new. A modern cabinet will look amazing filled with a mix of books, personal photographs and a mix of accessories with different textures like stone, metal, wood and glass. Keep the colours similar and play with textures and heights for the perfect combo.



Mix useful and decorative objects as well as vintage and new for an eclectic look. We love vintage vases on the counter top, ceramic pieces to hold your utensils & wooden elements for the modern rustic feel.


Layers, layers, layers. You can pair anything from small vintage jugs to brass elements as below. Small pieces of art are a great way to add extra depth and interest. Play around with different textures for a more layered look.



Trays are great way to add depth and interest to a coffee table or a console, we love vintage brass candle holders for that cozy feel. Add personality by adding items you love like crystals, travel memorabilia or books.


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How to style your space with vintage art

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How to style your home with vintage decor


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