At home with: Laura from Casa Coco

Based in Cotswolds, photographer and content creator Laura has over 10k people following her beautiful home on Instagram, and I've been in awe of her photography skills and ability to create a cosy, warm interiors since I first found her profile. She is a perfect person to kick off our "At Home with " series where we chat to inspirational home owners, interiors designers and industry experts about their inspiration, style and tips for creating a beautiful home! 

    Can you tell us what inspired the look/interior of your home? 

    I definitely feel my 'look' has developed organically over time. I think the main driving force for me has always been taking a complete blank canvas (we live in a 3 bed, 3 storey new build) and turning it into a home that offers both practicality as well as a comfortable and enjoyable place to be. 

    How would you describe your design style? 

    Timeless, warm, cosy, modern meets traditional

    How did you approach decorating your space? Any advice for someone just staring decorating their home? 

    Don't rush it! This is our first home and I felt an immediate need to fill it with 'stuff' and decorate every room. I ended up regretting most of our decisions quite quickly (mainly because I had no real sense of my own personal style or any clue what I was doing!). I now take a much more considered and measured approach to styling and designing my home and always advise friends/family to live in a space and get to know it first before making any big decisions. 

    What is your favourite part of your home? 

    Definitely our living room. We've lived in this house for over 6 years now and I've made so many changes to it since then but nothing ever felt 'right'. I finally feel like we've totally nailed it: it's cosy, inviting and the whole room works in harmony together. It's the room where I spend most of my time. 

    What was the biggest challenge when it came to decorating and designing this space? 

    Adding character to a new build. I think there's a fine line between injecting a bit of character and personality and trying to turn it into something it's not; our home is not the high-ceilinged, Edwardian property with heaps of original features of my dreams and there's no point pretending it is! I've tried to be mindful of this when creating our home and I think I've managed to achieve a good balance. I have tonnes of ideas I'd LOVE to execute but I know they won't work here so I'll just have to save them for the next house! 

    How has the way you view home changed since the beginning of the pandemic? 

    Home has always been my safe-space and sanctuary (I'm a complete introvert and homebody) but I think this has become increasingly so over the last two years. I think so many of us spend so much more time at home now, so it's important it's a space you love and enjoy spending time in.

    What’s your proudest DIY to date? 

    Definitely the built-ins in our living room (although technically cheating as we did have the help of a carpenter friend!). They started life as IKEA 'Billy' bookcases and 'Havsta' cupboards but you'd never know and were the fraction of the cost of having something bespoke made for the space. It adds such a focal point to the room - something I think new builds often lack - as well as providing lots of styling opportunities and much needed storage space! 

    Your next DIY project? 

    There are a few on the list including a budget kitchen makeover and refreshing our very neglected hallway. We're currently in the process of swapping our daughter's nursery to our loft room (the biggest room in the house) as we've realised she'll need more space as she gets bigger. Lots of DIYs planned for this room including her bed, soft furnishings, a reading nook and storage. 

    What are your favourite products you have bought for your home and why? 

    It has to be a tie between our sofa (it's the Otto from and is honestly the comfiest thing I've ever sat on), our Still & Bloom coffee table (beautiful craftmanship from a wonderful small business) and our Samsung Frame TV which I'm absolutely obsessed with.

    What’s your home secret or decorating advice? 

    I always think about the 'golden thread' that runs throughout a house, tying each room together. For me, it's warm, cosy but muted shades (deep reds, pinks and beiges) against a neutral backdrop. And also, inadvertently, panelling! I think being mindful of that golden thread helps to create a cohesive home so that rooms aren't fighting against each other. It also makes it easier to chop and change styling pieces (soft furnishings, vases, lighting etc.) as everything should work together! 

    What is the latest purchase you made for your home. 

    Our Samsung Frame Tv was our last big 'investment' piece, I think. It was a bit of a splurge for us (although we got a good Black Friday deal) but it was SO worth it. I love that a 'black box' is no longer the focal point of the room. Instead, it's a work of art that blends seamlessly with our interior and provides endless styling opportunities. 

    Do you follow trends or stick with what you love?

    I used to see trends on Instagram/Pinterest etc., buy them for my home and then wonder why they didn't work or why I was bored of them within 5 minutes. Now I have a good idea of my style, I realise I can appreciate trends in other people's homes without immediately needing to invest in them myself! I'll dabble in trends that suit my style but only if I know I'm going to love something for a very long time. 

    If money was no object, what one piece of décor would you love to have?

     I'd love to invest in some beautiful vintage furniture that we'd treasure forever. There are some truly beautiful pieces out there that are like works of art.

    Any advice for creating a home you love? 

    Really think about what your home needs to do for you and your family. Coming back to the trend thing, there's no point in doing something to your home just because it's popular/everyone else is doing it, if it doesn't work with your lifestyle and needs. Whenever I do anything to our home now, I try to create a balance between practicality and style to create a useable space that works for our family. That way we don't quickly become frustrated with it and truly love the spaces we've created. 


    Do you have a favourite designer? 

    have a few: Studio McGee, Lauren Olivia Design, Rebecca Wakefield, Gunter & Co, Salvesen Graham.   

    Where do you look for inspiration

    Instagram is a constant source of inspiration, as well as Pinterest, magazines, books and places I visit.

    Do you feel like the home is “done” or will it continue to evolve?

    Much to my husband's dismay, I always like to have a project on the go so I think I will always be tinkering with our home in one way or another! 
    What is a “perfect day” at home like for you? A bit of a lie-in, followed by pancakes in bed (with a 6 month old daughter, this never happens any more, unfortunately!). After a long dog walk we'd come home and my husband and I would make a big roast dinner together with some nice wine followed by a slow afternoon/evening chilling on the sofa, getting lost in a book or watching a crappy movie. 



    Would you rather - with Laura: 

    Vintage or new?  A mix of both
    New build or period property?  Currently in a new build but period properties have my heart!
    Night in or night out?  Night in
    Home or away? Home
    Colour or neutrals? Neutrals
    Coffee or tea? Coffee
    Winter or summer? Winter
    Early morning or late evening? Early morning
    Netflix or books? Books 
    Dogs or cats? Dogs

    Thank you so much Laura for giving us a glimpse into your home and creative process! We look forward to seeing more of your beautiful content!

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