At home with: Hanna from Our hebe home

Full of vintage treasures and personal references, Hanna's home is one of my favourites on Instagram and an amazing example of skilfully mixing different interior elements and styles, not to mention her ability to capture her home in the most magical light.
We are chatting to Hanna about her inspiration for her home, favourite designers and her advice on creating a curated space.
  • Name: Hanna
  • Occupation: Mummy to two
  • Location: London
  • Instagram : @ourhebehome


Your home is so beautiful! Could you tell us what inspired the interior?

I’ve always loved a nose through Instagram and Pinterest, they’re crammed full with an abundance of inspiration. However, more recently, I’ve looked a bit closer to home and have discovered a new appreciation for my parent’s house (my childhood home). It’s a little Victorian cottage brimming with so many treasures. My parents have always bought or held onto items that are beautifully crafted, whether it’s stoneware, artwork or table linens. This way of thinking has definitely influenced me over the last couple of years and I’m slowly finding my own way to interpret this into my home.  



How would you describe your design style?
I do find it hard to pin this down  as I feel that I’m constantly evolving and refining my style. There are so many genres I appreciate and may take elements from, but would say that I gravitate more towards a classic style with a hint of modernity.

How did you approach decorating your space? Any advice for someone just staring decorating their home?
Before getting totally stuck in, I would say to live in the space for a bit first. Get used to the light, the aspect, the physical room you have to work with. We have a small, terraced house and our goal was to bring in as much light as possible. Our tried and tested formula was to introduce a neutral colour palette, which meant that we had a cohesive starting point and essentially a blank canvas. And then the fun part can begin where you introduce colour, texture and detail. It also really helped to mood board our renovation room by room, this allowed me to visualise all the elements together to get the most unified result. Most importantly, inject some of your personality into your home so it feels like yours the moment you step in the door.
What is your favourite part of your home?
There are so many areas of our home that I love but the master bedroom in our loft conversion is by far the one that brings me the most joy. We made the most of its south facing aspect over the garden with a large picture window, which is the most incredible frame in itself.  It’s a little sun trap and never fails to make me smile even on a gloomy day.

How would you describe your home/style in 5 words?
Warm. Light. Authentic. Classic. Welcoming.

What was the biggest challenge when it came to decorating and designing this space?
Planning our renovation and loft conversion when Covid hit in 2020 was the most challenging. There were many instances where we had to order items without seeing them beforehand, having limited options due to stock availability or having to deal with long lead times/delays. There are things I’d love to change or tweak now but for the most part, I am thrilled with how it’s all come together. It’s all a learning process at the end of the day!

How has the way you view home changed since the beginning of the pandemic?
Staying at home more has massively changed my outlook on our home. It has given me the time to sit back and enjoy the rooms, their corners and notice things I wouldn’t have had time for in the past, like the sunlight which passes through. I can confidently say that I love my home now!

What’s your proudest DIY to date?
This just has to be our kitchen. We are not the keenest of DIYers but it was the first room we transformed together after moving in over 4 years ago. The project was completed on a fairly minimal budget and was a paint job, so purely cosmetic. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful wood kitchen to start with but the green walls, yellow cabinets and multicoloured tiles weren’t quite to our taste! A few weeks later and after many coats of paint, we got to a happy place and I still love it today.

Your next DIY project?
I am planning a gallery wall in our living room. Apart from a coat of paint, this room hasn’t had a huge amount of love. I’m hoping this will add a bit more character, warmth and interest to essentially a plain wall. My paternal grandparents were both keen painters and I’m lucky enough to have some of their beautiful work so I can't wait to display it proudly in my home.
What are your favourite products you have bought for your home and why?

Items that I have picked up in charity shops over the past year have surprised me the most. Looking for second hand or vintage pieces is still a fairly new skill I’m honing but I have found some real treasures, including some precious antique books. These instantly add some character to the home but it also feels rather nice to give an unwanted item some love and a new life.

What’s your home secret or decorating advice?
Use contractors that you trust. Take time to make decisions. Try not to rush or make trend led purchases. Also make sure to pay attention to the smaller details or items you use every day, like door handles and light switches. These are just as significant as the bigger pieces so choose carefully.
What is the latest purchase you made for your home?
We recently managed to get our hands on the Insta famous Farlov Ikea sofa after waiting for almost a year! I can confirm that it was the best decision ever; it’s incredibly comfortable, stylish and all the covers are removable and washable. What more could you ask for!

Do you follow trends or stick with what you love?
I’d like to think that I stay  true to what I love. Of course, there may be an element of a trend that catches my eye so I’ll incorporate it into my home but for the most part, I always gravitate more to the items that catch my eye and feel unique.
If money was no object, what one piece of décor would you love to have?
Would never say no to a beautiful, handmade Persian rug!
Any advice for creating a home you love?
I truly believe that your home should be a reflection of yourself, so stay authentic. Have items that you love to look at and bring you joy.
Do you have a favourite designer?
Rose Uniacke is a firm favourite of mine. She has such a sympathetic eye when it comes to decorating and really understands how to bring varying elements together to create a harmonious space. I really admire how she merges luxuriousness and comfort so seamlessly.

Where do you look for inspiration?
Anywhere and everywhere! I am always on the look for things or moments that inspire me from landscape, to architecture and travel. There is so much beauty to discover!
Do you have your favourite places to shop for home decor?
The high street is always a great place to start. H&M Home often has fab basic pieces, they do great linens and their marble items are affordable and add a stylish touch. I do love popping into a charity shop and Etsy is always full of little gems. I haven’t yet mastered the skill of Facebook Marketplace yet but might make it a 2022 goal!
Do you feel like the home is “done” or will it continue to evolve?
The home is never totally finished. It changes with the seasons, the light or even just a simple cushion swap!  

What is a “perfect day” at home like for you?

I do love being in the garden as much as spending my time indoors. Late Spring/Summer is always the perfect time to throw open all the windows, have a coffee on the decking, play with the girls and then finish the day with an alfresco meal whilst watching the sunset. Bliss!

Would you rather - with Hanna:

Vintage or new? Vintage
New build or period property? Period
Night in or night out? Night in
Home or away? Home
Colour or neutrals? Neutrals
Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning and in tea in the afternoon
Winter or summer? Summer
Early morning or late evening? Early morning
Netflix or books? Netflix
Dogs or cats? Dogs


Thank you for showing us around your beautiful home Hanna!

You can follow Hanna’s home journey on Instagram : Ourhebehome

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