4 reasons to buy and love vintage

After few years of sourcing and buying vintage pieces for my own home, there are definitely a few main reasons that I started doing that in the first place. I enjoy hunting for beautiful treasures and rummage through shops and markets to find pieces that speak to my soul! But I also think shopping vintage has loads of benefits for our planet and communities and here are some of them!


1. It’s sustainable. Instead of buying new, usually mass produced items that don’t stand the test of time, you repurpose, reuse and give new life to items that has been here for a while, reducing the need for new virgin resources.

2. It supports small and local. Most vintage sellers run independent, local businesses and buying from them means the money stays in our communities. Their knowledge and passion is irreplaceable. I am passionate about knowing the source of the items I buy and I’d rather support a small business than a big corporation.

3. Vintage items are truly one of a kind. No two items are truly the same, often due to its hand-made nature and the patina they develop over time. They have history, character and beauty that add the special « je ne sais quoi » to our homes and allow you to really express your personality through your home. They also remind us to explore the connection between our present, past and future and the intricacies of our history and heritage.

4. It’s often more affordable and durable. Vintage and antique pieces hold their value over time, are timeless and often turn into family heirlooms. With an array of wonderful online vintage sellers, markets and market placed, you can find beautiful vintage pieced to suit any budget and style.

Do you shop vintage? If you do, I’d love to know your reasons!

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