Chat with: Interior Designer Sarah De Git

Sarah De Git is a Queensland based interior designer creating beautifully curated and liveable design concepts her clients worldwide. I discovered Sarah's beautiful page last year and just can't get enough of the beautiful mood boards she creates, using timeless, neutral pieces with vintage and rustic details.

I was very excited to chat to her about her work, inspirations and design process!


  • Name: Sarah De Git
  • Company name: The Little Home & Design co.
  • Years in business: Almost a year
  • Instagram: @thelittlehomeanddesignco
  • Location: Tannum Sands, Queensland, Australia


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into interior design?
I actually fell into interior design by chance after I received a home interiors book as a gift. I knew absolutely nothing about interior design, but I was immediately hooked. I've always been a creative person and reading this book something just clicked and I thought maybe this is something I could do too! Why not give it a go? I wanted to know more about design, so I enrolled in an online course with The Interior Design Institute and after completing the course, set up my small interior design business where I specialise in E-Design. I have learnt so much, gained a new skill and also learnt how to set up a business. I was completely out of my comfort zone (I previously worked in the health industry as a dental assistant for seven years) but it's something I'm so proud to have achieved.

How would you describe your design style?
The best way to describe my design style would be modern classic and slightly rustic. Most of my designs feature storied, natural, textured and timeless elements with a focus on warm tones and layered accents. I like to think my designs create a homely, lived-in feel. Sometimes it can be hard for a client to pinpoint an exact style, but I don't necessarily believe we have to label them. Design styles can and should be mixed. It's what makes a space more personal.

Where do you start a project?
I always start any project whether it's big or small with a mood board to help me visualise a space. A mood board allows me to get an overall direction and feel of the room by collecting ideas to explore styles, colours and a mood. I often start a design with something in mind, but it can turn out completely different once I see what works well together and what doesn't.

How do you know when interior design is “good”?
I think good interior design should be able to tell the story of the people living there. Our spaces should not only look visually appealing and functional but make us feel comfortable and like ourselves. A space that is carefully curated to feel distinctly our own.

What is the best thing about being a designer?
One of the best things about being a designer is being able to make an impact on the look and feel of someone's home. It is a privilege to be invited into a very private part of their world (virtually in my case) and assist them with their requirements. Helping clients gain skills to execute the design themselves and seeing the transformation of a space is a rewarding experience.


Where do you look for inspiration?

I'm hugely inspired by my environment. I am very lucky to live in a regional area close to the sea with big eucalyptus and native trees in our back garden and to be surrounded by wildlife. We even get the odd visit from a kangaroo! There's something so beautiful and raw about being immersed in a natural setting. Most of my designs draw inspiration from organic elements using materials, textures and colours to evoke a calm and relaxed space.

Any tips for working on a budget?
One of the easiest ways to change a look of a room on a budget is with soft furnishings and accessories. Working with your existing furniture and swapping out a few key pieces can really make a huge difference. Think new throw cushions, switching up a rug, trays, a candle or a new vase or lamp. It's all about the small details! I also love styling with books. Try searching your local second hand shop for vintage pieces to incorporate and add character. You might just get a bargain while also finding something unique you wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. Another way is to introduce artwork. Framed family photos, DIY art and digital prints are an affordable way to instantly make a room feel fresh and new.

I think I know this one but.. colours or neutrals?
Neutrals! But that doesn't mean neutrals have to be boring. Muted tones are hands down my go-to palette. The use of earthy and organic colours such as rich browns, tans, warm whites, moody charcoals, silky creams, slate blues and soft greens create a calm and grounded feel in any space.

What trends do you predict in the upcoming years?
Last year we saw a move towards warmer interiors and this is set to continue throughout 2023. From muddy browns to rusty hues and even bolder moodier tones that are usually associated with the cooler months, this trend is expected to be seen year-round.


What rules do you follow when designing a new interior - any secrets you can share?
I'm always mindful of the design principle rhythm when it comes to designing a new interior. If a space feels somewhat "off" I always refer back to this rule. Rhythm creates a sense of movement and allows the eye to move around a room with ease. One of the easiest ways to create this is to choose an element such as colour, texture or line and carry it through the design to create cohesive flow. I also like to incorporate a black accent into every space to add dimension.


Sarah - tell us, would you rather... ?

Vintage or new?
Bit of both! I love mixing old and new

Coffee or tea?
Neither. I only drink water. Very boring I know!

Winter or summer?
Winter for sure. It gets too hot where I live

Early morning or late evening?
Early morning. I've never been able to sleep in

Netflix or a book?
Both, but probably a good tv series a little bit more

Dogs or cats?
Dog's. I have two sweet boys

Home or away?

City or country?
Country. I'm a small town girl but my favourite city in the world is London


Thank you so much Sarah for sharing with us!

You can find Sarah's beautiful page on instagram


 Shop Sarah's picks from our shop!

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