At Home with: Jayne from Our Travel Home

Jayne and I somehow discovered each other in the depths of Instagram and I've been following her home account ever since while she generously became one of our loyal clients, and recently a content creator for our brand. We bonded over love for Studio Mcgee and Amber Interiors and I couldn't be more proud that Jayne choses to purchase from us to decorate her beautiful home - and beautiful it definitely is. Her Instagram account gained almost 17k followers so far and keeps growing as Jayne shares the carefully curated corners of her home, styling advice and her DIY projects. Travel and design blogger, she knows the best of both worlds, and I can't wait to see where it takes her!
I asked Jayne questions about her home, inspiration, and favourite DIYs, and she didn't disappoint! 

We LOVE your home. Can you tell us what inspired the interiors?

I’ve always been a fan of mixing modern design with vintage finds but I don’t think I really understood how to make it work until I watched Dream Home Makeover on Netflix and discovered Studio McGee. I’m hugely influenced by Shea McGee’s style, particularly the white walls, natural wood furniture and neutral shelf styling.

How would you describe your design style?

I’d describe my style as modern traditional. We live in a new build home so I’ve been introducing lots of rustic and natural elements to give it a more lived in feel. I also want our home to tell a story about us, so I tend to choose artwork and soft furnishings that remind us of our travels.



How did you approach decorating your space? Any advice for someone just staring decorating their home?

Definitely start by mood boarding. I found it so useful to create a vision board for our home filled with images from Pinterest and Instagram that inspire me. It’s something I still refer back to now when I’m planning individual rooms. I also recommend the MagicPlan app to draw up furniture layout plans. You can read more about that here.


What is your favourite part of your home? 

I’m a perfectionist and our home is still a work in progress so there’s not a room I love the most, but rather corners of them all that make me happy! I love my custom-built desk, our sofa and the open shelving we recently added to the kitchen.


 How has the way you view home changed since the beginning of the pandemic? 

Before the pandemic I used to travel about once a month for work and the thing I missed most about home was my own bed. Now, I see our home as our sanctuary. It brings me so much joy to see rooms we’ve put our own stamp on and I relish making it the cosiest, most welcoming place to be.



 What’s your proudest DIY to date?

Probably our first ever DIY project, panelling the hallway. I’m mostly proud my husband and I got through it! It was trickier than we thought and I had my doubts half way through whether it would be worth the effort. But people always comment on it when they come in and hopefully they don’t see the faults like I do.

Are you planning another one?

I’m building up the courage to work on our downstairs loo. I’d like to tile and panel, add wall lights, change the mirror, maybe get a new washstand…. I often have ideas beyond my budget and skill set!

What are your favourite products you have bought for your home and why?

Well, I obviously love so many of the Home at First Sight collection. This website has been my go-to for unique, timeless home décor pieces ever since you launched it. I love how adding a textural bowl or wooden pedestal from HAFS can instantly elevate or update items I already own.



What is the latest purchase you made for your home.

Cushions and artwork! I’m always buying cushions and artwork! We bought a lot of our key furniture before I really honed in on my style. Obviously, I’m not going to be replacing expensive new furniture any time soon so I’ve been focusing on creating the looks I love using versatile accessories like cushion covers and art prints instead. I love how one little change – through pattern, colour and texture – can instantly change the feel of a room. And you don’t have to get dirty to do it!

Do you follow trends or stick with what you love?

I always strive to do both. It’s not easy when there are so many amazing interior influencers out there coming up with new ways to decorate a home but I think that’s why having a vision board is important – it stops you getting your head turned by new trends. If I am going to buy into trends I try to do it in cost effective ways, such as buying new foliage or prints.

 If money was no object, what one piece of décor would you love to have?

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect console table for about a year now. I’ve seen many extraordinary vintage and rustic ones that are way out of my budget. If money was no object I’d probably order half the Amber Interiors website.


Do you feel like the home is “done” or will it continue to evolve?

Gosh, home is never ‘done’ is it. I think even putting aside interior trends, we will always be making changes to our home as the way we use it keeps changing. A home has to meet the needs of the occupants as well as look pretty right?! My son’s room is something I’ve been putting off decorating for ages as what he likes and needs changes so quickly at a young age. That’s my excuse anyway. I’m also just procrastinating over doing the painting!



And lastly, Jayne, would you rather..?

Vintage or new? Vintage
New build or period property? Both! I’d love to renovate a period property. I currently live in a new build.
Night in or night out? In.
Home or away? Away.
Colour or neutrals? Neutrals – unless earthy greens and browns count as colour?  (they do)
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Winter or summer? Summer
Early morning or late evening? Morning
Netflix or books? Books
Dogs or cats? Dogs


Thank you so much Jayne for this wonderful insight into your home & creative process! I look forward to see what beautiful space you create next!!

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