Welcome to Home at First Sight - an online store with curated homewares, vintage décor and all things interiors. Created in London in 2021 and now based in Worcestershire, our shop and collection is inspired by a feeling of home. It started with the love for vintage, pre-loved pieces and the way it can make a room feel instantly warm and personal. I noticed that all the spaces I loved had an element of rustic or vintage, skilfully mixing modern and vintage elements to create an unique, lived-in look.

So in addition to our thrifted vintage pieces, we curated a collection that evokes a similar feeling, and fit seamlessly into any home. We source our products globally and from local UK suppliers, for an effortless mix of modern & rustic.  Thank you for taking the time to explore our collection and we hope you find something you fall in love with... at first sight.
Monika - the founder